0.8 Inch Thick Kitchen Mat Anti Fatigue Mat Kitchen Rugs Kitchen Decor Non-Slip

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Material             : Memory Foam

Brand                 : StepRite

Special Feature: Waterproof, Bevel

Shape                 : Rectangular

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  • Thicker Mat The Step Rite kitchen mat is made of memory foam that is 4.5 inches thick for enhanced standing comfort. Approximately 17 by 28 inches. Suitable for any high-traffic area, including the kitchen, office, and laundry room.
  • Standing comfortably is made possible by the “Anti-Fatigue” Comfort floor mat. lessens the strain on the knees and ankles. reduces weariness brought on by prolonged standing and eases back and spine pain when standing.
  • The surface is composed of high-quality PVC, which is water and stain resistant. Any liquid, including water, oil, sauce, and juice, can be easily removed with a moist towel without leaving a stain-causing residue on the mat.
    SAFETY DESIGN: The mat is kept in place and keeps from slipping thanks to its textured bottom. Elegant beveled edges keep people from tripping. Your family’s safety is maintained by a well-designed floor mat.
  • WARM TIPS: It is advised to blow hot air from a hair dryer held one inch away if the mat is wrinkled when it is received. Alternately, expose it to the sun for 2-4 hours. In our experiment, the hair dryer’s highest setting can restore mat in 7–10 minutes. or 21°C outside in the sun for a few hours.