Easy Figure Easy Forte Original from Mexico Weight Loss 3 Packets

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Brand: Easy Figure Easy Forte

Packet: 30 Capsules

Bundle: 3 Packets

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  • Easy Forte is a natural product that helps you manage your weight after eating a healthy diet. Easy Forte, which contains natural substances, aids in digestion of fats and proteins as well as the better utilization of stored energy.
  • Unique ingredients like Chia Seed and San Pedro Almond encourage feeling full, which naturally limits calorie consumption and lowers the risk of weight gain.
  • By preventing bowel issues, tried-and-true nutrients like oat and linseed help to balance the digestive tract and improve digestive health.
  • Together, the ingredients in our formula help to concurrently address the issues of constipation and being overweight. This tried-and-true supplement works to produce noticeable benefits by assisting in preventing the accumulation of carbohydrates and fats and managing cholesterol levels.
  • HOW TO USE: For best results, take one capsule every 24 hours at night after dinner for 90 days. Subsequently take one capsule every 48 hours until you reach your desired weight.